Whether you like it or not, your clothing tells a story to the world about who you are.

Your clothing might be saying a lot, or it may be saying very little. It could be saying something wildly false, or something that's completely true.

While everyone's clothing tells a different style story, one thing is true about them all -

Your style story matters. A lot.

Your style story can be the reason for your second interview. Your next date. A new referral. An invitation. Even your own smile at your reflection.

Or it can be the reason for more excuses. "Sorry, not the right fit." "Maybe next time." "I can't, I'm really busy."

With something this important, it's crucial for your style story to be saying what you really want.

You only get 7 seconds to tell your style story when you first meet someone important. Let's make them count!

Kat Depner

Personal Stylist


“For the past 10 years I felt trapped by my muted wardrobe, hiding behind it instead of using it to let the unique, adventurous person that I am shine through.

Instead of always falling back on oversized comfort clothing, Kat helped me find form-fitting pieces that say, 'Hello world, Melissa's here!'"

-Melissa B.