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Kat Depner personal stylist Portland

Kat Depner
Personal Stylist
Owner, Seven Styling

Seven Styling personal stylist portland

That's how long it takes your partner, co-workers, and friends to form their first impression of you.

What impression are you making?

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Kristan's story with Seven Styling

Kristan's Story

"Kat has a firecracker personality and she works with such humor and empathy - you almost instantly feel like you're best friends."

Cendu's story with seven styling

Cendu's Story

"She has a sixth sense about these things. It's like getting a stylist and a personal coach all in one."

Jennifer's story with seven styling

Jennifer's Story

"Kat helped me understand how to dress for the job you want versus wearing the "uniform" for the job you already have."

Image by Joshua Bartell


Image by Fernando Lavin
Free consultation with seven styling portland personal stylist

What can I expect?
45 minute phone call with Kat
Determine your style goals
Create a plan to reach your goals
A few simple tips and tricks thrown in

Kat Depner personal stylist portland
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