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Jogging Into Spring: The Silk Jogger

Spring is here, and like all hotblooded women who live winters with reckless food abandon, I’ve acquired a bit of insulation in the past few months.

And rather than endure the exhaustion of trying to squeeze into my tired skinny jeans and feeling like a sausage about to rupture from its casing, the style universe has answered my prayers with the wonders of the silk jogger.

Comfort, flexibility, and the ever-so-slight signaling to the world that you exercise without actually exercising? Yes please.

Put down those constricting jeans and slip into something a little more forgiving because we're about to dive into the wonderful world of women's jogger pants!

Joggers are designed with comfort in mind, featuring a relaxed fit and soft, breathable materials. Whether you're running errands, lounging at home, or off to an evening out with your favorite human, joggers will keep you feeling cozy and comfortable.

Jogger 1: Olive Off The Shoulder

Joggers are designed to move with you, thanks to their stretchy fabrics and elastic waistbands. To elevate the jogger but keep its lux comfort at the forefront, I’ve opted for a deep olive silk jogger. The silk fabric signals special occasion while the tapered and voluminous leg feels casual and muted – an ideal blend of comfort and style.

I’ve opted for a black off shoulder top to show a bit of collar bone and classy daytime skin to offset the voluminous jogger fabric. I love the contrast of athleisure-esque pants like the jogger and a classic off-shoulder that gives me Audrey Hepburn-esque vibrations. The key to styling joggers is to balance the casual look of the pants with more polished or structured pieces. Finish this look with a pair of neutral pumps or statement stilettos and you are off to conquer the world or… the grocery store.

Jogger 2: Monochromatic Black

This next look is for those days where you are aspirational but downright lazy. When you want to look like a style icon but barely have the motivation to find a clean bra. On days like this where you just want a win, the silk black jogger is a friend to all. I’ve paired a black cropped tank with this silk black jogger to create a monochromatic ensemble.

The beauty of the monochromatic is that it creates a long and lean silhouette: wearing a single color from head-to-toe creates an uninterrupted line. When you wear a single color, the eye doesn't get interrupted by different shades or hues, creating a more streamlined look. This helps to draw attention away from any areas of your body that you may be self-conscious about and instead focuses on your overall appearance. I wrap this all up with a pair of strappy heels and gold toned belt and call it a day.

Jogger 3: Denim & Jogger

The allure of the jogger is that it plays nice with the classics in your closet. So keep it simple: pair your joggers with a basic tee or tank top and a classic denim jacket. This is a simple and easy look that is perfect for a casual day out.

To break up the intensity of potential fabric overload, be sure to cuff the sleeves of the jean jacket and pull your joggers up by an inch or two to showcase those gorgeous ankles. And since this outfit is so simple and classic, I cannot help but disrupt it with my newest and bluest wonder of Ariat boots.

Jogging Around This Spring

The silk jogger is the every human pant. She is kind to all and works hard on your behalf so you don’t have to. This is a style forward staple that will play nice with most citizens in your closet. Lounging, snacking, errands, a night out on the town – the silk jogger is friend to all occasions!

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