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Leather Weather: Blazing The Leather Trail

When I think about the origins of my love of leather blazers, I can’t help but credit the forefathers of leather jackets from my childhood:

The Matrix’s greasy, computer-programming Neo, traipsing around different dimensions and defied gravity all while sporting a leather forward blazer trench.

And Joey, the cuddly neighborhood idiot on Friends with his slicked black bowl haircut and matching black leather blazer.

Leather blazers felt like a certain kind of armor that made anyone who wore it seem self-possessed in spite of their frailties and shortcomings.

But up until a few years ago, leather blazers were just a nostalgic millennium staple. Lucky for you, they’ve come back with a modern twist for 2023.

So here’s to you dear Neo and sweet Joey!

Leather adds an uncontrived confidence boost many of us are looking for. While leather carries its fair share of rebellious symbolism, its application on a classic trench and blazer makes everything that much edgier. If you tire of the soft and billowy offerings of winter staples and long for a bit of pop and intrigue while staying warm – the leather blazer might just be worth a dabble.

Leather Look 1 – The Leather Trench and Turtleneck

Bored of wearing that same neutral turtleneck all winter long? I am too. There’s nothing that will partner better with an exhausted turtleneck than a leather trench. This leather trench is fitted and hits mid-thigh which sends the eyes on a vertical path, elongating my frame and ensures that my body is not swallowed up by the weight of this statement piece.

When choosing lengths for trenches, it’s important to note that leather can appear heavy. To ensure that your leg line is not swallowed up by the density of this clever leather style staple, I’d recommend a length that hits just above the knees. To wrap up the look, I’ve paired it with a fun pair of relaxed light-wash jeans to add bit of contrast from the fitted turtleneck and fitted leather jacket. A fitted leather trench is the easiest way to add structure and a hint of rebelliousness to the soft and doughy winter staples.

Leather Look 2 – The Ethereal Leather

Ah, white leather. When I think of white leather, I think of the 1980’s puffy cream couches that lined my auntie’s living room. It always felt a little kitschy and quintessential 80’s with frizzy bangs and wrist slapping bracelets. I never would have thought I’d have affinity for white leather in any setting. But alas, a white leather couch is very different than a white leather blazer.

While black leather blazers can offer a generous layer of edge, it can also look a bit heavy. For those days when you want to look self-possessed but are not in the mood for the deep and somber offerings of black leather, reach for a boyfriend-cut white leather blazer. The white leather blazer is an airy and surprisingly cheery item to add to your wardrobe’s arsenal. It offers structure and edge without being over the top. To go with the ethos of light and cheerful, I’ve paired this blazer with a stark white tank and a pair of light-washed jeans to bring continuity to the ensemble. I wrap it all up with a pair of platform shoes and call it a day.

Leather Look 3: Military Leather Blazer

This piece brings all of the good drama. With the silhouette of a military cut jacket, gold buttons and a rich and creamy color that is somewhere between chocolate and aubergine, this military leather blazer is the only diva who should be performing on your stage. To ensure that we keep this style staple at center stage, I have decided to go with a black monochromatic back drop of black leggings and black fitted crop. The monochromatic black backdrop also works to create one unobstructed leg line serving to elongate the frame. I’ve wrapped it all up with my favorite pair of Ariat western boots and am off to the races!

Leather Weather

If you are like me and are tired of choosing between the same iteration of blue, black or grey turtle neck sweaters for the rest of your winter days, the leather blazer might be just the thing you need to add a bit of edge and intrigue to your softer winter style!


6 commentaires

20 févr. 2023

You wore it best!

I haven't thought about Keanu or that black trench in years thanks for the throwback.

21 févr. 2023
En réponse à

When I think of blazers and black trenches, I only ever think of Keanu :)


19 févr. 2023

I'm always looking for a relaxed blazer that doesn't feel corporate and stiff! The white blazer checks off all my boxes.

21 févr. 2023
En réponse à

The blazer is magic and doesn't give the slightest hint of corporate mumbo jumbo! Give it a whirl and there will be no going back.


16 févr. 2023

These blue boots razzle and dazzle me! I haven't heard of Ariat before. Are they comfortable?

21 févr. 2023
En réponse à

These boots require a bit of practice but after a few struts I promise you'll be a natural!

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