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The Jump Start: Styling The Oversized Jumpsuit

The Oversized Jumpsuit - Seven Styling

Feeling lazy and needing a bit of style inspiration that can easily go from day to night? Enter the almighty jumpsuit: the savior of the time management challenged.

Jumpsuits effortlessly merge top and bottom in a single piece, simplifying the styling process; pull one of these ditties over your head and suddenly you're dressed!

Yet the quest for the perfect fit can be daunting. But fear not, for jumpsuits with customizable features—like belted waists or snap sides—come to the rescue, offering control over your desired silhouette, be it cinched or relaxed. 

This week we’re going to focus on the unsuspecting oversized denim jumpsuit by way of Free People. This jumpsuit features a relaxed fit and cropped ankle-length style with harem legs and a low scoop neckline.

Kat Depner Tan Jumpsuit

Historically, I have had a contentious relationship with jumpsuits without a clearly defined waistline. Being semi-petite and venturing into the over sized space, I know depending on the silhouette I will have achieved elevated style nirvana... or channeled some serious Humpty Dumpty vibes. I’ve balked at the idea of some oversized clothing in the past, but this denim jumpsuit has since changed my tune. 

Because of the nostalgic farmer vibes this jumpsuit channels, color selection is key. Rather than go for a traditional and classic blue denim and run the risk of being mistaken for a farm hand, I opted for a distressed acid washed tan to give the one piece some much needed edge.

The moody color brings balance to the slightly oversized loose fitting silhouette and signals to the world that this was in fact a style choice and not grandma's overalls.

In embracing oversized silhouettes, I've discovered it's about more than just following a trend; it's a statement of defiance against traditional societal norms all while giving you enough pocket space to store your candy. Trading out more form fitting pieces for looser, more comfortable pieces wasn't about hiding my body but rather about embracing it in its natural form.

So, what's the allure of oversized outfits? It's all about effortless sophistication. Oversized shapes offer a sense of freedom from the constraints of traditional silhouettes, marrying comfort with confidence.

Kat Depner Tan Jumpsuit White Shirt

Jumpsuit + Bandeau

When it comes to styling this outfit, contrast is key. With a voluminous denim silhouette and dropped crotch, I wanted to bring the masculine and feminine into one style plane and opted for a lace bandeau. The bandeau provides coverage while showcasing a comfortable amount of day time skin. Finish this look with a pair of large gold hoop earrings and a pair of chunky platform sandals and you will have manifested the powers of both Dainty and Durable in one ensemble. 

Jumpsuit + Reverse

Oversized items need a bit of finessing if you plan to pair them with other voluminous partners. Thankfully this jumpsuit is reversible and creates an entirely different look with adjustable straps! Continuing to play with the theme of contrast, I’m mixing the jumpsuits casual vibrations with a clean and crisp button-up - a bit of "corporate meets country" if you will. Since there’s a lot of fabric across the board, I’d recommend a Kennedy cuff with the sleeves to showcase a bit of forearm and break up the fabric coverage. Wrap this look up with a pair of strappy heels and you are ready for a casual date night or a stroll at the farmer's market.

Kat Depner Tan Jumpsuit Black Lace

Jumpsuit + Lace 

Styling a lace bodysuit with this acid washed overall strikes a perfect balance between edgy and elegant, creating a versatile outfit that effortlessly transitions from day to night. Start with a fitted lace bodysuit in a classic color like black, white, or nude to add a touch of sophistication and texture under a pair of denim or corduroy overalls. The delicate lace peeking out from the structured overalls adds a feminine charm, while the snug fit of the bodysuit ensures a sleek silhouette. This combination allows the intricate patterns of the lace to subtly shine through, giving the outfit a layered and visually interesting look without overwhelming the eye.

The beauty of this pairing lies in its ability to blend different styles seamlessly. The rugged, casual appeal of the overalls is perfectly offset by the delicate, romantic nature of the lace bodysuit, creating a look that is both unique and fashion-forward. This outfit can easily adapt to different settings, offering comfort and style whether you're heading out for a casual brunch or a stylish evening event. The juxtaposition of soft, intricate lace with the sturdy fabric of overalls results in an effortlessly chic ensemble that showcases your ability to mix textures and styles with confidence and flair.

Jump Start Style

Jumping into a jumpsuit makes your style journey that much easier - jump on in and you're dressed. Playing around with a few of the options above allows you to tune it to your heart's desire. The oversized nature of the jumpsuit can be puzzling to style initially, but it allows for a lot of different options that can jump start your style this summer!



Jun 23

I have the Humpty dumpty problem with overalls in general. Love that these have some adjustable straps for easy shaping. I looked on madewell's site but couldn't find them, can you share a link?

Jun 26
Replying to

Jun 21

Absolutely! As a fellow semi petite gal with a shorter torso myself, the key is to add a bit of height with a heel and do a bit of cuffing to show a bit of ankle and break up the full denim ensemble which can overwhelm shorter frames.


Jun 20

Acid-washed anything are one of my favorite items! Can shorter women with shorter torsos rock this type of jumpsuit?

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