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Yes, that's me.

At 10 years old, my style story was just beginning.


My love affair with Nabisco snacks and awkward poses with friends were my everything.

This dynamic lifestyle necessitated that I was comfortable as I dug into whatever bag of snacks my stubby fingers could get ahold of.

Fittingly, baggy t-shirts were my style of choice.


Then came the angsty years.

"Why so serious, Kat?"

Somewhere along the way, my style changed.

I dressed less and less for the purpose of seizing snacks, and began dressing for other reasons.

To stand out. Boys. Fear of my apocalyptic thighs.

I lost touch with what my style story even was.

This happens to a lot of us in our style journeys - we get distracted.

We lose touch with our origin story and start telling the story we think others want to hear through our style.

Unfortunately, it can lead to a confusing and disorienting relationship with your body, clothing and self-image.

And now as you can see, The Snack Monster is back.

As I grew older, people came into my life and helped me reconnect with my origin story.

They affirmed the things that I had long forgotten: my eternal love of snacks and my uncanny ability to strike an awkward pose on command.

And sometimes that's all it takes - someone to affirm what's true in you to get your style back on track.

I was back in charge of writing my style story. I just needed a little nudge to refocus on what matters.

Resonate, Seven's free ~70 page style guide

That's why I wrote this style guide.

Whether it's not having enough time for yourself,


having a love/hate relationship with your closet,


or going through physical changes in your body,

let's get your style story back on track.

We all have a story to tell. Sometimes our look isn't telling the story that we like anymore.

Let's tell a story that resonates.



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