welcome Portland moms!

Being a Mom is messy, exhausting, and challenging.


But it doesn't have to mess with your style.

When the poop hits the fan, you need a style that works for you - easy, durable, affordable, and chic.

If you're not satisfied with your look, come explore my style tips for Moms and get your magic back!


Kat Depner

Personal Stylist


Melinda Crubaugh wears a dress during maternity for personal styling

“5 months in to my second pregnancy and my tummy is growing while my closet shrinks, yet Kat still finds me timeless items that perfectly fit my rapidly changing body.

The confusion that comes with dressing for two can be daunting, but Kat’s effortless empathy and keen eye for fit has helped me navigate this transition with joy.”

-Melinda C.