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A Good Trend Is Hard To Find: 2019 Edition

A Good Trend Is Hard To Find: 2019 Edition

Trends are tricky.

If we aren’t careful, it’s easy to find ourselves staring down the troves of fanny packs on display at Target and ruminating on whether we might just be able to pull it off this season even though we know all fanny packs were birthed from a middle aged man named Harold from 1985. The cacophony and hype surrounding each season’s trends is dizzying, but I have found that there are still a few crown jewels among the gobbledygook that is doled out for the masses. While I certainly will never stand behind the majority of trends, there are a few that are wearable this season and can elevate and liven up your current style. Even my cat Louie approves!

The Asymmetrical One-Shoulder Top

I remember that day like it was yesterday. The veil was pulled from my eyes and for the first time in my twenty years of life, I could see. I trembled, I wept, I stood in awe… for towering before me was a thing of unparalleled beauty. It was Alicia Keys and her almighty collar bone outlined and showcased by none other than the lover of my soul, my sweet prince - the one shoulder asymmetrical top.

Alicia Keys One-Shoulder Top

Kat wearing asymmetrical one-shoulder top

At the time I had never seen anything like it. What is the name of this top? Does it come in different colors? Where on earth is my collar bone? If I wear this, will I look sexy, confused, desperate? All 3 simultaneously? I had so many questions but so few answers as I toiled and scoured the earth for this top. But alas, it never caught on as a true trend and was nearly impossible to locate and acquire.

Fortunately for us, this top is earmarked as a hot “new” trend for 2019, meaning we likely will see some much-needed exposed collar bones in the dead of winter. The asymmetrical top is a “come one, come all” style staple. It works universally on any body type and age bracket. The reason? The asymmetrical shoulder hemline creates a dramatic and elongated neckline that lengthens your frame. The exposed arm shows a bit of skin that is mildly sexy yet conservative enough to wear around awkward holiday gatherings. The asymmetrical top is also the perfect replacement for a dress or skirt for a fancy night out. No, you don’t want to feel a draft and constantly be tugging and pulling on your special night out, I get it. This top will make you look extravagant while secretly being comfortable. Above all, this piece is a statement to the world around you. When you are feeling drab and blue, this top reminds you over and over again that “Mama’s still got it.”

Silk Scarves

Kat wearing silk scarf

Being mistaken for an overgrown girl scout or a land bound flight attendant rank high in my list of fashion fears. And so I have avoided the silk scarf and its many offerings diligently for the entirety of my life. The thought of a scarf tied around my neck feels dainty and dare I say entirely too feminine for my style sensibilities. And yet, with the scarf rearing its head again as a popular trend, I could not help but heed its call and see if I was somehow missing out. The answer? Sort of.

While looping this silky accessory around my neck will never be my first choice, it certainly brings a bit of polish and color to a casual ensemble. For this simple wrap, I have taken a square silk scarf folded it in half into a triangle and tied it once around my neck with the diamond shape facing me. Then I take the remaining two ends and let them hang on both sides. The scarf adds dimension to a casual outfit and serves as a beautiful way to frame your face.

To pull this look off without the slightest hint of girl scouting, pair it with a neutral top with a simple cut of either a crew neck, V neck or even a tank top. Because the scarf adds a bit of bulk, the goal for a polished look is to minimize added layers and instead go with a simple top and jeans combination. To ensure that the scarf is the showstopper of this look, a simple side ponytail will pull hair away from the face and prevent any unwanted visual competition with your scarf. This silk scarf instantly brings balance and femininity to any casual outfit. Pair it with a dark pair of jeans and a neutral heel and you are set for a day of stylish adventure.


Kat wearing snakeskin dress

If the thought of wearing animal print causes you to break into a cold sweat, perhaps a reptilian snake print is more visually palatable to your style sensibilities. The beauty of snakeskin prints is that they can slither their way into your wardrobe and easily join the ranks of your neutral apparel. Snakeskin prints typically sit in the range of greys and browns, allowing them to play nice with most items in your closet. Additionally, when the bitter winter strikes and you find yourself moping around in all black attire, this simple snakeskin can be used to add a pop of life to your outfit while still staying muted.

Since its recent boost in popularity, you can find snakeskin prints in virtually any item of clothing under the sun. The print, like its flamboyant leopard cousin, communicates a bit of obvious sex appeal. To ensure that you look more sassy than hussy, remember balance is key. When choosing cuts for animal prints, I like to go with casual and wearable pieces. For snakeskin, go ahead and forsake the mini skirt and instead reach for this ultra-comfortable and semi-fitted tee shirt dress instead. While the print is eye catching and all things seductive, the casual cut of tee shirt dress ensures that you can easily wear it to the grocery store or slap on a pair of heels and be the belle of the ball at happy hour. To rock this snakeskin shirt dress, pair it with a dark denim washed jean jacket or a long maxi cardigan and neutral heel.

Trend Lightly

When you are feeling lost in the sea of never-ending trends, remember balance is the key to winning. While you may be wise to avoid sauntering down a busy street clad in bike shorts and fanny packs, there sometimes are ways you can put your own twist on the concept such that it no longer becomes a trend but rather a form of your own style expression. So go ahead, thumb through the trends of 2019, be wise and trend lightly.

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Nov 18, 2019

Hey Leigha! So glad to hear your love for snakeskin print has been everlasting. I on the other hand am a total newb when in comes to appreciating the print. Glad to hear that the black and white print were pleasing to the eyes.


Nov 18, 2019

Hey Carolmamas! Don't let "jiggly arms" stop you from one shoulder tops or from anything for that matter. I promise it will be worth it if you give it a try!


Nov 06, 2019

I'm the opposite of most moms I know since I loved snake print since I could say the word hahah.Like your white and black version!


Nov 06, 2019

I love the thought of a no shoulder top for a special occasion, except I have what would be considered jiggly arms.I can see how it would be flattering, but its quite the leap for me.


Nov 05, 2019

Hey Jessica! So glad these trends are palatable for your style sensibilities. I'm obsessed with what you speak of and found some amazing ribbon hair contraptions at anthropologie.

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