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Let Go Of My Purse: Styling With Bobby Hill


If you were to pare down my maximalist style,

my love for hyperbolic language,

and whittle away my biting grandmother-flavored wit—

you would find Bobby Hill.

A magical character on the Fox animated series King of the Hill and voiced by the almighty Pamela Adlon. Short, round, and inept in sports of all kinds—Bobby is an odd yet endearing tween who, like me, often wears his heart on his face.

Exhibit A:

And his sound reasoning is second to none:

As a kid, he gave me an endearingly honest perspective on the world that wasn’t shrouded in vanity and pretense—and quite frankly, I’d love to live my life just like him—curious, full of discovery, and rolling around in self-compassion.

Kat Depner Bobby hill leather skirt

After being bullied by some schoolyard brats, Bobby takes fate into his own hands by enrolling in a local martial arts class. Fortunately for all of us who watched this story line unfold, this was actually a women’s self-defense class that taught him to kick perpetrators in the groin and yell, “Let go of my purse—I don’t know you!” Bullies crumbled in his presence and the light of God danced upon Bobby’s potato head face. The rest is history, and you will need to travel back in time to re-watch this gem of an episode.

In celebration of Bobby Hill and the hours of laughter he’s given me as a tween—I present to you… the many ways to style this iconic quote on a graphic tee.

When it comes to styling an expressive graphic tee—remember, opposites attract, and contrast is key.

Mixing Textures: Combining fabrics with contrasting textures adds tactile interest to an outfit. For example, pairing a soft cotton tee with a fitted leather skirt creates visual dimension. When you are stuck on bringing an outfit together—remember again and again that opposites attract—a top that is colorful and playful needs to be balanced with a structured and edgier layer to, this creates an unexpected pattern interruption in your outfit and makes onlookers take a beat.

Kat Depner bobby hill animal print skirt

If a leather skirt isn't quite your cup of tea—you may consider playing with silhouettes. Contrasting silhouettes can create visual drama and balance in an outfit. Pairing fitted graphic tees with garments like a voluminous skirt adds visual interest and creates a unique silhouette. This ensemble's mix of masculine and feminine vibrations is also a win. In addition to changing up your silhouette, mixing different patterns and prints can create a bold and eclectic look. Pairing stripes with florals, plaids with polka dots, or animal prints with graphic tees adds personality to an outfit.

And last but certainly not least—a blazer-style jacket adds an elevated vintage vibe to casual separates like graphic tees. I’ve gone oversized maximalist and gone for a pair of wide-legged jeans to wrap up this ensemble. It oozes comfort and is provides some sturdy polish with a simple leather outer layer. The oversized maximalist approach not only exudes confidence but also allows for seamless movement and comfort, making it perfect for both casual outings and slightly more stylish events. And with the addition of wide-legged jeans, the ensemble strikes a balance between modernity and timeless sophistication. Ultimately, this look merges comfort with style, showcasing the versatility of graphic tees in creating eye-catching and memorable outfits.

Bobby Hill stands as an unsuspecting symbol of authenticity, resilience, and quiet Texan strength—qualities that can inspire both style choices and life philosophies. So, wear your graphic tee with pride, embracing the unexpected, and let your outfit reflect the vibrant spirit of Bobby Hill.

Kat Depner bobby hill leather blazer




4 days ago

I spent the past 20 minutes googling this reference and finally found a soundbite of it on youtube. So envious this was your childhood hero! 😆

8 hours ago
Replying to

I hope this google quest changed your life for the better. I have this soundbite on a loop and it's a guaranteed pick-me-up for any day that feels less than ideal. Thanks for taking a gander!

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