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Hey La, Hey La, My Boyfriend's Back: Styling The Boyfriend Blazer

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hey La, Hey La, My Boyfriend's Back: Styling The Boyfriend Blazer

My love of blazers began at the tender age of twenty.

While my peers stumbled into college lecture halls with eye crispies and oversized hoodies accompanied by the steady must of sweaty armpits and Bud Light, I entered the classroom every morning like a rose-scented queen. Her majesty wore a fitted blazer, black Editor pants from Express and a pointy pair of stiletto heels EVERY DAY… all day.

Yes, admittedly, I was one of THOSE girls. I was convinced of my magnetic and obvious sex appeal in my weekly blazer ensembles. After all, what could be a bigger expression of feminine prowess than shoulder pads, princess seams and perhaps a playful bit of strategic striping? Clearly I had a very different definition of sex appeal than the world around me.

While I felt powerful and unstoppable in my blazer ensembles, one thing is certan: I was always asked if I was coming from or headed off to work. I originally wrote off the questions of my peers as mere style ignorance that came from the land of sweatshirt-toting-bumpkins who probably would have qualified pulling up pants between the hours of 12 – 4 PM as “fancy.” But alas, the bumpkins were onto something.

When I look back, I did look polished and put together, but I also looked like I was about to prepare taxes for a very important person. In all of my blazer-toting glory, I looked more like a stylish accountant than any kind of stylish dame in her own right.

If I had only met the boyfriend blazer in my twenties, I would have spent the better half of my twenties looking fly AF rather than looking like I was headed to a tax audit convention. And if you find yourself feeling some blazer vibes as well but are afraid of looking “too professional,” it’s time for you and the boyfriend blazer to go on a date.

Kat wearing boyfriend blazer with pencil skirt

What Is the Boyfriend Blazer?

The main difference between a regular blazer and a boyfriend blazer is the fit. Boyfriend blazers are designed to be cut slightly larger than a traditional blazer, but as you can see are not big enough to house my 205 pound boyfriend-turned-husband. Typically made with a straight hem, the boyfriend blazer is designed to sit comfortably at or just below the hips. The cut itself is loose to allow for layering and can give you the tailored benefits of a regular blazer while looking comfortable and chic in the process.

When choosing a boyfriend blazer, here are my recommendations:

  1. Opt for a blazer that offers a bit of shoulder padding as this will work to subtly broaden the shoulders and create the illusion of a narrow waist.

  2. Choose a blazer without buttons as less detailing adds to the longevity and versatility of a blazer.

  3. Pick a color that is both multi-functional and can make you smile. To me, I can’t justify a black boyfriend blazer, as classic as it is. It feels functional and healthy, like eating a large bowl of steel-cut oats - but it brings no immediate joy. Instead, pick a color that is versatile and yet brings a smile to the soul. The pop of color brings femininity and balance to a semi-masculine cut.

I’m currently in love with this yellow boyfriend blazer from Express pictured above. With its relaxed open shawl collar that can show off your neckline and its polyester blend that can stand up to any stain that comes your way, this blazer will make you look polished without the slightest hint of accountant vibes.

Kat wearing boyfriend blazer with palazzo pant

Blazer and Pencil Skirt

The blazer and pencil skirt will always go together. With this colorful and looser fitting blazer, you have a fun office appropriate pop of color and polish that miraculously still feels comfortable. When coordinating a blazer and pencil skirt ensemble, the key is to always think about balance. Since the boyfriend blazer is cut wider, you will want to pair it with a pencil skirt that sits closely and snug against your leg line so that your boyfriend doesn’t end up swallowing your adorable silhouette whole. I completed the outfit by tucking in a white camisole and pairing it with a strappy pair of heels. This look screams woman in charge - albeit, a woman with spunk, fun and flare.

Blazer and Palazzo Pant

The boyfriend blazer paired with the loose flowing palazzo pant will conjure some serious bohemian queen vibrations. While the pants are cut wide and offer a bit of flounce, the blazer will bring balance by adding structure and a loosely tailored effect. The built-in shoulder padding is what keeps this look balanced as the padding offers a defined upper half to offset a free-flowing palazzo. To keep it simple, I like to tuck in a black camisole into the palazzo and finish the look off with an unapologetically tall pair of black platforms. This look is perfect for a fancy happy hour, an effortlessly stylish brunch, or a dinner date with Stacy London and Solange Knowles.

Kat wearing boyfriend blazer with monochromatic base layer

Blazer and Monochromatic Magic

If you are scratching your head at first on how to wear the boyfriend blazer, you will never go wrong with employing some monochromatic magic - provided that your blazer offers the one pop of color to break up the monochromatic ensemble. The monochromatic look will keep your leg line long and lean while the colorful boyfriend blazer will offer contrast and visual interest to the muted outfit. Finish this look off with a pair of sexy caged foot heels. As simple and easy as this look is to throw together, you still somehow look like a polished woman of spunk without the slightest hint of tax season.

My New Boyfriend

With my boyfriend blazer on my arms and my taxes on TurboTax, I can finally shed my accountant vibes for good. And while your blazer might not be big enough to house your goofball of a partner who insists he can fit inside, the extra room provided by a boyfriend blazer is just what your look needs to turn a casual look chic or a professional look to more approachable.

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