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The Call of the Collar: Attaching Style To A Sleepy Winter

The Call of the Collar: Attaching Style To A Sleepy Winter

Confession: I may have spent the better half of December in dark corners making out with yule logs and artisanal apple pies, and I regret nothing.

But with the festivities of the holidays behind me and the sleepy month of February before me, it’s hard to find motivation to put on a bra… let alone reinvent a sleepy winter wardrobe.

You may share a similar sentiment as the gray clouds of winter close in on you and style inspiration dwindles. But fret not! There is a simple and affordable add-on that will breathe new life into the slumbers of February that I’ve grown to love - the jeweled detachable collar.

The detachable collar is a necklace like garment that is separate from the shirt. Some come attached to the top half of an undershirt to anchor it in place, and others simply rest over top of another collared shirt or around your neck while fastening in the back. It is the ultimate faux layering staple and can help you re-imagine wintertime possibilities without the ruckus.

Kat wearing an Attachable Collar to Black Dress

Collar #1: White and Black

The humble black dress is a timeless staple and will always be all things to all people. As your body shapes and shifts in life, her love knows no bounds. Come fat folds, come cellulite, come pastry belly - there is nothing that she cannot master. But when it comes to excitement, our little black dress will always need a bit of enterprising and re-imagination.

I have found that the best pairing for these collars is a high cowl neck or semi-turtleneck. Here I have paired a bedazzled white detachable jewel collar with a summertime turtleneck dress, and I feel like a new woman. The collar adds instant structure and glamour to a ho-hum staple. The bejeweled gems on the collar become a statement piece and all of a sudden your humble black dress is transformed while sending the world some vintage Mia Farrow vibrations.

Kat wearing an attachable black collar to an office shirt

Collar #2: Dressing Up The Dress Shirt

Look at them. Hanging there. So smug. They all look the same. The same cut, same fabric, same purpose: boring office dress shirts that you were forced to procure for boring office purposes. They were utilitarian, and you had no choice.

If you are like me, you might be envisioning them burning in a box far, far away. But no need for resentment! More than any other item in your closet, the plain button up dress shirt was made for the detachable collar. There is not a dress shirt color under the sun that will not play nice with a white or black bejeweled collar.

For this ensemble, I found a sleepy pinstriped dress shirt and buttoned it all the way to the collar. To bring contrast, I paired it with a black detachable collar. The mash up of stripes and jewels is unconventional but brings a bit of play and fun to the standard work staple. Finish this look tucked in with a black pencil skirt and pumps for that fateful day you ever return to the office. Or Simply pair it with a pair of dark skinny denim and trapse around the town with a bit of funk and class.

Kat wearing an attachable collar with a sweater

Collar #3: Wake Up Your Sleepy Sweaters

There is nothing that oozes “Portland” like a chunky, ill-fitting olive sweater. And while sweaters like these give you the comfort of being a human blanket, its ability to oooh and ahhh the senses are minimal. Since these sweaters are oversized in nature, there is more than enough room to build in a thin dress shirt as a base layer without fuss. The pairing of a dress shirt and chunky sweater is functional and oozes all things pedestrian, which is why it hurt my soul to pair them together.

To jolt this look into the realm of visual interest, I buttoned the base layer all the way to the collar and secured a detachable black collar to this ensemble. Again, the collar adds structure and a sense of makeshift tailoring to the look while the jewels add dimension and depth to the ensemble. To finish this look, I pair it with a pair of black leggings and booties and am off to the races!

The Collar is Calling

Whether you are fighting holiday fluff or generalized style boredom this February, there is nothing that this scrappy detachable collar cannot do. If you find yourself exhausted from the dizzying trends and options for layering this winter, don’t make a frivolous purchase by following the masses into fringe and puffy sleeved sweaters. Instead, be enterprising! Recycle and reinvent what you already have with this simple addition – the jeweled detachable collar.

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12 commentaires

17 mars 2021

Hey Tiffanie, I have both varieties at home and I cannot decide which I love more. With that said, my ratty old tee shirts are eternally grateful as they are no longer getting the boot with these wonderful outfit amplifiers!


15 mars 2021

I love these quick add on collars! I own one but its attached to a blouse, similar to yours but with more fabric. They're such lifesavers in making my tops more fancy.


09 mars 2021

Hey Layla! Don't be fooled as I am no master of layering either. These collars provide the easiest wardrobe updates without any bulk or fuss. So glad to hear that your dress shirts will live another day with these collars.


08 mars 2021

I have so many dress shirts that are desperately needing a fun update like this one. I didn't even know that detachable collars existed. I thought everyone was great at layering except me.


02 mars 2021

Hey Cassiebrie,

I concur! These collars remind me of a slightly more elevated and evolved peter pan collar.

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