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GG, Gary Graham: Turning Fashion Upside Down

GG, Gary Graham: Turning Fashion Upside Down

Gary Graham.

His thick glasses and tendency to bumble over sentences sends my heart a flutter.

His intricate embroidered designs and tendency to mumble his big picture vision to pretentious judges while avoiding eye contact solidified him as instant friendship material. Kindred spirits in awkwardness! I’d happily hold his hand and skip down any street with him while avoiding steady eye contact.

There is something unusual and remarkable about Gary that earmarked him in my heart as the obvious winner in Making The Cut. In a world filled with talkers and hacks, Gary graham is a quiet, stand alone, once in a lifetime talent.

Kat wearing Gary Graham Denim Jacket

One of Gary’s exceptional design talents is multi-wear clothing. If there was a way to fold a skirt into a summer hat that would fit the gerth of my head, I’d be first in line! While Gary has designed several of these types of items, this first jacket from Making The Cut may be my favorite.

I think of this cocoon-inspired jacket as my denim safety blanket. I wore it for 5 days straight and fell asleep in it on day 5 before finally handing it over to my washing machine. It’s king when it comes to comfort and the ultimate way to bring a bit of visual interest to some of your day-to-day staples. Let’s take a look at how we can wear it!

Denim Shawl

This first iteration is the perfect structured outer layer for a casual outfit. The white stitched vertical lines elongate your frame while the side pockets illicit a bit of visual curiosity. There is a lot of volume and denim to this marvelous wonder so the best way to balance this is to bring high contrast neutral colors to the mix.

I’ve opted for a paper white crop and caramel toned jogger pants. To ensure that I’m not eaten alive by the jackets volume, I’ve cuffed the joggers to show a bit of ankle and wrapped it up with a funky pair of Sorel sandals. But it doesn’t stop there…

Kat wearing Gary Graham Denim Jacket upside down

Wear It Upside Down?

That’s right, you read my subheading correctly. This jacket is upside down-able! For this next option, Gary gives you a few buttons that allow you to create a cowl neck collar. And remember those curious pockets from the first look that you thought were just for visual intrigue? Not so my friend! Fully functional pockets - a home for your awkward hands and afternoon snacks all in one.

When I choose this option, I feel like an expensive piece of art on display. With it’s exaggerated cowl neck and asymmetrical hemline, this is a stand alone piece that is the diva of your style stage. You can wear it with a pair of light washed jeans and call it a day. But being a maximalist at heart… I cannot help but pair this with another funky show stopper of my own - a printed yellow dress. The choice is yours!

Military Shoulder Pads

This dress makes me feel all the emotions. It’s strong and tailored shoulders with its forest green backdrop feels militant while its floral pixelated pattern channels all things ethereal and romantic.

Kat wearing Gary Graham military dress

And if this we’re not enough, it’s asymmetrical hemline gives you a flirty and whimsical tinker bell vibration only to send you down another roller coaster of exiting emotion with its… well… boob straps? You can tie the straps around your waist or crisscross them along your chest for a bit of dramatic flair. Tinker bell – military – romantic - boob strap dress anyone? Yes, please.

GG, Gary Graham

I have seen and touched what feels like every fabric and silhouette under the sun and scrolled through the sites of every hot and would-be designer. There’s nothing that brings joy to my heart like Gary. His designs are from another time… literally. He literally captures his prints from historical pieces and imbues his clothing with them. And he designs in a way that is both outside of the box and accessible – keeping you practically styled and on the cutting edge. Try out GG for your next look!

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Jun 26, 2022

I've seen multi wear dresses but never a jacket done this way. Such a fun concept and I love the side pockets!

Jul 03, 2022
Replying to

Hey Jessica! This jacket (not to be hyperbolic..but I must) is all the things I have ever wanted out of life. And lucky for you it is still in stock on Gary's store at Amazon.


Jun 21, 2022

I've looked on amazon for the past 2 years to try and get that green dress!!!! Whenever I've looked it's been completely sold out, did you get it recently?

Jul 03, 2022
Replying to

Hey Kristine! AH, it's all about timing my friend. Unfortunately it's out of stock yet again.

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