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Dressed To Kill: Drop Dead Looks From Dead To Me

Dressed To Kill: Drop Dead Looks From Dead To Me

Dead To Me (AKA two pretty ladies with problems) is a show worth learning from during this pandemic-filled crazy year.

If you’re in the market for lessons on how to stalk someone, Judy Hale (played by Linda Cardellini) sure knows how to invade someone’s space. But being that I thankfully got my stalking urges out in 7th grade with a certain 11-year-old boy with vacant eyes, a skeleton-like frame and a possible early onset receding hairline (hello Brian), I’ve been focusing more on Judy’s looks and less on her unintentionally murderous lengths she goes through to undo a wrong.

Judy’s style spans the generations. Is it 60’s? 70’s? or 80’s? Yes, Yes, and Yes. And while her aesthetic tows the lines of the boyish and traditionally feminine arenas, the blending of time periods and gender fluidity somehow creates a seamless and timeless style.

If your wardrobe is on its last breath during these quarantine days, perhaps a little stalking of our bohemian friend is in order. She may appear gentle, but her mix-matched style will leave you dressed to kill!

Judy Hale's Corduroy Skirt and Tee

Best of Both Worlds

I love the blending of this little boy crew necked tee with the long A-lined corduroy skirt. The leanings are both masculine and feminine, casual and dressy. The key to mastering this outfit and keeping it in balance all comes down to the waistline. With a high-waisted A line skirt that hits just a few inches below the bustline, we see the narrowest part of the waist and an adorable hourglass shape by way of the A-line silhouette. The masculine top with its straight lines and higher neckline brings this skirt into perfect balance.

This outfit is the perfect launching pad for your own version of style experimentation - no purchasing or scouring the likes of Amazon required. This outfit can easily be modified and replicated with some of your pre-existing style staples already dwelling in your closet. If you don’t have a long Corduroy A-line skirt (who does?), reach for a high-waisted black pencil skirt and a tucked in old striped tee. Finish the look off with a pair of platform sandals or summer clogs and see if this strange hodge-podge doesn’t revitalize your wardrobe and give you some “Dead to Me” style vibrations.

Judy Hale's Motto Jacket and Slit Skirt

The Perfect Amount of Skin

Don’t mind the dreary expression on Judy’s face – how else might one look while concocting a devious plan to get away with murder? This outfit aligns perfectly with my style sensibilities: where there is evening skin, there should always be room for the imagination. The maxi skirt is the perfect blend of flirt and class with its conservative length but strategic slit to showcase some glorious gams. To master this look, take the sizzle of the skirt’s offerings to a nice steady simmer with a high-necked crew neck tee and a suede brown motto jacket. The jacket adds dimension and structure to the ensemble while continuing to bring a bit of balance to the flit and fun of the skirt. The cropped nature of the jacket that sits just above the hips brings the exaggerated length of the maxi into balance. We still get a glimpse of a long silhouette even though we are covered from head to toe.

Want to replicate this at home but are missing this brown wonder of a motto jacket? A simple dark washed jean jacket that hits right above the hips will do the trick. And if you live in the unfortunate reality where none of your maxi skirts offer a classy high slit, be inventive and add your flirt elsewhere. I opt for a plunging neckline tank or tee tucked into a maxi skirt. You are still showcasing a bit of flirt while improvising its location. Follow in Judy’s ways by belting it off just below your waist to accentuate the waistline while finishing it all off with a pair of flirty and fun summer clogs or platforms.

Judy Hale's Bohemian Wrap Dress

Bohemian Bombshell

The wrap dress will always be all things to all people - this universally flattering dress loves every body type under the sun. Linda’s wrap dress oozes summertime romance with its deep burgundy, azure, and emerald floral backdrop. Its generous V-neck line promises to effortlessly create an elegant and elongating neckline, and there is nothing that will break up length and bring visual interest like a well-cut slit. While this may be a little high for daytime wear, it is perfect for casual evening strolls with your favorite human. Finish this timeless wonder with a strappy pair of lacing espadrilles for a bit of retro flair and seamlessly transition it into fall attire with a muted and neutral riding boot.

Stalking The Stalker

When it comes to evolv1ing your style, sometimes its hard to make one decisive move. So, take a page out of Judy’s book and don’t make a singular decision - make 4 or 5. It seems counterintuitive, but sometimes the blending of different genres and the mash up of traditionally feminine or masculine cuts all brought together in one outfit might be just the thing you need to reinvigorate your style and create a bit of inspiration. When you can’t make one decision, why not experiment and try a handful together?

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12 comentários

04 de nov. de 2020

Hey Alaina! Ellen page bares an uncanny resemblance to this style heroine, but alas, they are two completely different women.


03 de nov. de 2020

I know the face of this person is she by any chance the same girl who was in Juno?


23 de out. de 2020

Hey Shanae! I found the exact replica via amazon:


23 de out. de 2020

Hey Liz, I'm on the shorter side too and I urge you not to rule out a longer skirt like this one. We can make it work with the magic of a comfortable platform!


22 de out. de 2020

Do you have a link for this wrap dress? I've been wanting one like this.

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