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The Karamo Dynamo: A Style Lesson In Bombers

The Karamo Dynamo: A Style Lesson In Bombers

Time stops, hunger ceases and my vacant soul is renewed: these are the consequences when Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown levels you with his gaze.

If you can imagine the poise of Oprah, the wisdom of Jesus, and the twerking talents of Miley Cyrus housed in one magnificent being, you will understand the magic that is Karamo Brown. I have never been so confused by one person. He whittles away fear and ego, inviting you to crumble into his all-knowing arms all while sporting the perfect bomber ensemble. Do I crumble, or do I steal his wardrobe? Perhaps a little bit of both.

Karamo is the exact person I want to grow up to be someday. But seeing as poise, wisdom, and twerking do not runneth over from my awkward but endearing cup, I will humbly accept the second prize of emulating all of his best bomber outfits.

Flower Bomb

I adore tropical flowers, and I am not one who cares for subtlety. But when it comes to an all-floral bomber, too much floral runs the risk of you looking like a dated tropical blanket.

The key to avoiding this is simple: choose a bomber that breaks up the pattern with varsity striping. Varsity striping usually consists of one or two bold contrasting stripes, typically placed along the collar or the sleeve cuffs. These stripes work to bring contrast to the pattern while serving as a border for the jacket. This simple yet effective detail ensures that you do not get lost in the pattern.

Here you can see me channeling my best Karamo vibe with a Rachel Roy floral bomber, a tucked in white polo and light washed jeans. This outfit is versatile and can be worn for a casual Friday at work, or can send you off to a social distanced happy hour with finesse when paired with a set of pointed pumps.

Orange You Glad It’s A Bomber?

My second biggest fear in life is to be mistaken as a large autumnal squash. I have avoided orange for the better half of my 20’s for fear of being kidnapped by a band of farmers only to be oogled and ahh-ed at a fall harvest festival.

Yes, orange frightens me. But when Karamo parades around shamelessly in the dead of winter with a silken orange bomber, fear ceases and orange is suddenly a revelation. Now, to be fair, my “orange” silk bomber is more of a rust orange (and to the undiscerning eye some might call it an orange-brown), but it is revelatory nonetheless.

The key to dominating with an orange bomber is all about contrast both in color and silhouette. Since the bomber is a muted deeper orange, I am afforded the right to bring a nice pop of color into the mix. My weapon of choice? A ferociously white polo. The contrast makes the eyes “ooh” and “ahh” while still being understated. To ensure that there is balance to this ensemble, I balance the looser fitting bomber with a pair of leg hugging dark washed jeans and finish it off with a bold snakeskin bootie.

Let’s See The Sequins

When I think of sequins, I think of Vanna White, buying a vowel, and the expectation to shimmy and shake on command - all things that a 30-something should not be subject to doing. And even more, sequins are particularly tricky to get right, and I have found that the risk rarely outweighs the reward.

It’s no surprise then that Karamo would peel back the layers of my own limiting beliefs by strutting around in a gorgeous midnight teal sequined bomber. Upon seeing it I instantly re-evaluated my life and complicated relationship with sequins.

The color of this bomber is magical. It has shades of teal, black and silver and gives you vibrations of an underwater mermaid party. The beauty of Karamo’s bomber is that breaks up the intensity of the sparkle and shine of sequins with some of those varisty stripe hems. The stripes create a frame for Karamo’s silhouette and ensure that he is not devoured by the fabric. And to ensure that there is only one diva on this stage, Karamo reaches for an all-black monochromatic ensemble that makes his bomber pop and keeps the outfit fun but not over the top. And of course, I could not resist. I repented for my ways and searched far and wide on Amazon to replicate this dreamy mermaid-esque bomber.

What Would Karamo Do?

When trendy options close in and you find yourself tempted to click the “purchase now” button for that oh-so hipster pair of grandpa overalls that everyone is wearing, take a beat and search your soul to ask yourself “What would Karamo do?” Forgive your mother, hug your children, and put on that sequined bomber like your life depended on it. Or at the very least, try out this magical style staple and see if it does not resolve the inner style turmoil that bubbles within.


11 comentários

10 de fev. de 2021

I love this man and can't decide if its his wisdom or his bombers that I love more!!!!!


08 de fev. de 2021

Hey Alaina,

Great question! It all depends on what you are after. If you like something tighter fitting I would recommend sizing down. I am a super fan of boyfriend cuts so I stick with the faithful mediums.


08 de fev. de 2021

Hey Kristine! Never underestimate the power of a simple yet effective varsity stripe but I doubt in any universe that you looked like human doily.


07 de fev. de 2021

I've tried these in the past without much luck with the sizing and fit. I never know if I am supposed to size up or down since these are often cut more in the boyfriend style. What have you found works best for sizing with these? I want to like these since they are so comfortable but I have found them to always be more billowy or too tight.


05 de fev. de 2021

I've tried floral bombers and looked like a doily because none of them had the varsity stripe that you mentioned. It really does break up the pattern and make it easier on the eyes. so fun!

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