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Slay The Uni-Boob: How to Dress a Petite Frame with a Large Bust

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Slay The Uni-Boob: How to Dress a Petite Frame with a Large Bust

Rummaging through the troves of neon colored crop tops and handyman overalls that have somehow made their way back into retail departments this season, you wonder if you will ever find something sensible for your petite, large-busted frame. “Nope!”, “No!” and “This visually makes my soul shrivel inside…” seem to be the only appropriate responses to what’s on the racks, until… *gasp*! Over yonder! Hark! A seemingly timeless, crew-necked black dress that sits just above your knees. With a renewed sense of hope, you make a B-line to the fitting room and pull the dress over your head only to find that your two glorious breasts have fused into one decrepit monster: the dreaded uni-boob has descended upon us. Frustrated, you pull the dress off, shout a string of defeated yet colorful obscenities into the universe and throw it into a lonely pile in the corner, convinced that clothing is not designed with you in mind.

Does this imaginative shopping scenario sound eerily familiar? If so, fret not, I say! Revamping your look with these quick tips will take only seconds to impress.

Kat wearing V neck to frame the bust

V-necks and cowl necks: your bust’s long-lost friends

V-necks and cowl necks, like the one I'm rocking above with my pet cat Louie, highlight your neckline and collar bone which draws the eyes upward and away from your breasts while simultaneously elongating your frame. Showcasing your neckline and collar bone brings balance to a large bust, as the eye naturally follows the path of the v-neck/cowl instead of focusing on the largest part of your upper body. But what if you find your top hits an inch or two below your hips, shrinking your petite frame? A simple tuck of your shirt (see right) paired with a belt around your waist band or belt loop solves the problem by instantly making your legs look longer. And remember, crew cuts or high neck lines like turtle necks are not your friends and are not to be trusted on your frame. These pieces cut off your neckline and draw attention toward your bust without providing balance to the rest of your frame.

Kat wearing a wrap dress to balance and define the bust

Wrap dresses: balance your bust and define your breasts

The only thing a wrap dress can’t do for you is your taxes. Let’s take look at its wonderful offerings! First, the two segments of a wrap dress separate and define your breasts and slay the uni-boob monster for good. Second, the V-neck of a wrap dress makes you appear taller as it draws the eyes toward your elongated neckline. And third, the clever tie at the waist creates an hourglass shape while lengthening and slimming your frame simultaneously, provided that the dress hits you at or slightly above the knee. What more could you ask for in a dress? We cannot speak about the wrap dress without also including a fair warning to avoid its arch nemesis, the shifty shift dress. Sure, it will hit you above the knees, but that's about all it will do for you. Its boxy shape and lack of waist definition will not bring balance to a large bust and can make you appear wider than you are.

Let's wrap it all up (pun intended)

If you thought it couldn’t get any better, there’s even more good news for you. These styles have stood the test of time; wrap dresses and v-necks are not going anywhere. They’re classics. So let that neckline shine and wrap the girls up for years to come!

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