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A First Round Look: The Matching Patterned Suit

A First Round Look: The Matching Patterened Suit

Ah, the NFL Draft.

A few hours of raw anxiety where every NFL hopeful wonders:

"Will they pick me?"

"Will they want me?"

and of course… "Am I pretty?"

With a disdain for fast paced movement and the general feeling of sweat on my body – I am not one who pays much attention to the comings and goings of athletes, let alone the NFL draft.

Up until a few months ago, the best way I could relate to the sheer anxiety of an NFL draft hopeful was the dreaded wait of being a picked for a team at kickball camp.

But then, one by one as each NFL hopeful got grafted into their dream team… something magical transpired.

Purple, Turquoise, Merlot - I was blinded by the majesty of each player’s matching one piece suit.

What better way to celebrate being a first-round pick than a loud and boisterous matching suit?

There’s something about a colorful and pattered suit that feels like an announcement to the world that you have arrived. And so, I set off on my search to find a suit to celebrate the fact that I am always my own first round pick for every arena in my life. Here’s what I discovered!

Kat Depner wearing matching suit

The Matching Suit

Be still my heart. This versatile, long-line blazer is the ultimate show stopping blazer. It’s green floral pattern against a muted beige backdrop is the ideal blend of drama and subtlety.

In a soft cotton stretch, this blazer can be worn oversized for a relaxed look or fitted for the ultimate tailored look – I decided to go the route of fitted and I regret nothing.

Think of a matching patterned suit like this as a more structured and gender-neutral alternative for a summer/fall dress. To ensure that this suit is the true show stopper, I use a neutral base layer of a grey body suit and go for the goal with a matching cropped pant. The pants are cropped at the ankle and offer some forgiving stretch and breathability with a thoughtful high waisted fit accounting for all the wobbly bits one might want to keep in place.

To finish the look, I’ve cuffed the ankles of the crop pants and paired it with a pair of neutral strappy sandals. If you are bored of the standard offerings of the typical spring and fall dresses, I encourage you to elevate your wardrobe’s arsenal with a statement piece like the matching suit.

Kat Depner wearing blazer and monochrome look

The Power Blazer

This matching ditty has the power to go with distance when you break the suit apart and wear them as separates! To ensure that the blazer is the crown jewel of my ensemble, I decided to tap into the power of monochrome.

A pair of distressed black jeans and a simple black tank is all you need to create a long and unbroken silhouette without distracting from the pattern of this blazer. To tie it all together, I’ve finished this outfit with a pair of black sling back sandals to keep the silhouette consistent with our monochrome theme. The generous stretch of this blazer allows you to reach and bend to your hearts content while staying fierce and functional in the process.

Kat Depner wearing cropped top and pants

The Crop Pant

If you are 5’5” and below, you will want to take my cue on this cropped pant which actually sits as a regular pant on my shorter frame. The key in working with awkward lengths like this is to do your own bit of cuffing until it is flattering against your leg line. I’ve rolled each pant bottom up by an inch and then rolled the 1 inch cuff up over itself.

Suddenly, these pants are now cropped, just as nature intended. To tap into a bit of casual fun, I’ve decided to go for a clean white crop and a pair of Spice Girl-esque sneaker platforms by way of Vans. Am I Sporty? Am I Posh? Am I Baby? It’s hard to say, but pairing this cropped pant with a pair of neutral sneakers is a great way to make them wearable for the day to day.

Time To Get Picked

If you find yourself falling asleep from the predictable fall staples in your wardrobe, perhaps it’s time to embark on the adventures of a matching fall suit. This powerhouse is both a statement piece and multi-functional staple that will breathe new life into a sleepy fall ensemble. Look out first round, here we come!

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