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Style Lessons With Moira Rose: Untethered and Free

Style Lessons With Moira Rose: Untethered and Free

Ball gowns at breakfast.

A wig for every day of the week.

And an inner mantra that chants “The world is mine!”

Moira Rose is a creature of perpetual reinvention and eternal ego strength. Unscathed by circumstances and unfortunate casting calls, this former 80’s soap opera darling takes low budget, limited release films playing a lead human crow and turns it into a career revival opportunity. Every day is a chance for a comeback. For every “No” that you have internalized in your life, Moira Rose is the resounding “YES!” She is eccentric, dramatic and over the top - something we all need in our ho-hum lives.

I credit Moira Rose with teaching me the life lesson, “Why not me?” For all the “extra” that she brings to the table (and often being out of touch with reality), sometimes being untethered by the expectations of others is all you need for a personal comeback. In honor of this colorful wordsmith, let’s start with Moira’s iconic black and white style and make it wearable for our day to day!

Moira and Kat Black Pinofore

Black Pinafore and Lace Blouse

In all her style decisions, Moira makes black and white sing. Somehow, she never looks like a maître d' or an executive at a funeral home. The key in making black and white come alive is all about bringing timeless pieces and visual interest in the same ensemble.

Pinofores are sleeveless, collarless dresses that are intended to be worn over a blouse or tee shirt. If an apron and overalls were to have a child, you would get the pinafore. If you are a fan of pencil skirts, the pinafore is its funky younger sister. The high waisted skirt sits just below the bust and creates the illusion of a tiny waist. The straps create visual interest and conjure feelings from a different style era. I’ve paired this outfit with a tucked white lace blouse and finished it all off with an over-the-top pair of platforms. If you want to find a new way to make black and white sing, this is it. And if you love the idea of the fitted pinafore skirt but a lace blouse makes you feel like a colonial woman, fear not. A simple and neutral v-neck or crew neck tank or tee will play nice with the eclectic pinafore.

Moira and Kat Black and Gold

Black and Gold Blazer

Black and gold is quite possibly my favorite color combination. It’s stark and dramatic without being too over the top. For this Moira-inspired creation, I am starting with my tuxedo blazer that has floral gold patterns with a black backdrop. This blazer hovers between looser boyfriend cut and fitted silhouette and lives in the neither here-nor-there category. Since it is more of a moderate fit, I bring balance to the outfit with a pair of black skinny jeans and a base layer that has a lower neckline. This ensemble can be worn to a fancy happy hour or an upcoming holiday party.

But why be so traditional? Take a page out of Moira’s book of style and be a little extra - take this outfit grocery shopping or to a walk in the park. The dramatic flare might just shake you out of your day-to-day style slumber.

Moira and Kat LBD

Little Black Dress and Tights

There is nothing more timeless and universally flattering than a sheath cut black dress. In Moira’s case, she elevated the dress with exaggerated puffed sleeves, a waist cinching belt, black tights and a pair of strange space alien shoes that hurt my eyes. To put her ensemble on a steady simmer, I’ve replaced her puff sleeves with a timeless boat necked black dress with a sheath silhouette.

When choosing a winning black dress, I always recommend a sheath silhouette as its narrow and streamline fit creates a straight figure-hugging shape. Sheath dresses are typically taken in at the waistline to accentuate the contours of the silhouette and create effortless and tasteful curves. To ensure that we don’t go too vanilla, I’ve enlisted the magic of some floral laced tights that create visual interest and shake up the simplicity of the black dress. When it comes to belting a dress, my rule is never to go for a width that is more than 2.5 inches. The wider you go, the more risk you have of looking like a WWE contender. And to keep this ensemble sleek, I’ve finished it all off with a pair of black pumps - no moon shoes required!

Untethered and Free

May Moira Rose be your style inspiration for how to be untethered to the expectations around you. I encourage to play, bend rules, and wear a ball gown to breakfast. So much of style seems to hinge on fleeting trends and the threat of being outdated. Resist what is being peddled by the masses and let your flag fly high!

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