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Treat Yo Self: Seven Styling's Mother's Day Giveaway

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Treat Yo Self: Seven Styling's Mother's Day Giveaway

Two Boobs.

One boob belongs to my Mama friend's 3-month-old who has the ravenous appetite of a 500-pound man.

The second boob is claimed by my friend's disgruntled 3-year-old who walks up to it every morning, gives it a frustrated squeeze and pleads with her, “NURSE?” He laments in the corner with his blocks and street gang of imaginary friends of the good old days when both boobs belonged to him.

Every morning seems to be the same as of late.

This tired Mama attempts to go to the bathroom, only to have her 3-year-old waddle in and demand a seat on her lap. He proclaims the delicate tinkling of her urine on the porcelain throne sounds much like the “Twinkle Twinkle” song she sings to him every night.

Fast forward to noon and both little ones are asleep. She is in the bathroom, heaving like a cat with a hairball as she’s almost certain the 3-month-old’s projectile poop made its way into her mouth this morning.

With a final swish of Listerine, she take a deep breath, and while utterly thankful for her 2 little humans, our Mama takes note of 2 things:

1. At 35, the most exotic thing she has eaten in years is now fecal matter.

2. Her boobs that once hypnotized her husband into submission could make her a fierce competitor of any local dairy farm.

Kat Depner as a tired mother

Mothers. Unparalleled story tellers. Super Human. Self-sacrificing, snot receptacles.

If somehow I could teleport and lift the burden of cursed chores and errands as you creatively and mindfully parent your little ones, I would. Poorly folded laundry? A half-vacuumed living room? Questionable paleo casseroles? Yes, these are among my many talents I would offer you in a heart beat to make life a little easier.

But perhaps this idea may interest you more.

On May 12th, Mother’s Day, I will be treating one hard-working Mama to something special:

Seven Styling’s Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Donna Meagle saying Treat Yo Self

The truth is everyone needs a little "Me Time." Even you, super-yet-tired Mom.

This Mother's Day I want to lighten the load of one hard working Mama with a special day where you get to be the center of attention and receive some much-needed style self-love. In the words of Donna Meagle from Parks and Recreation, it's time to Treat Yo Self!

Seven Styling's Mother's Day Giveaway

Seven's Mother’s Day Giveaway includes a free personal styling session at your home by yours truly (provided you live in the metro Portland area) and 7 free, lightly consigned, personally styled clothing items brought to your door and integrated into your wardrobe during our time together.

Entering Seven's Mother's Day Giveaway is simple - just fill out the entry form and you're done! And you'll receive 1 free copy of my style guide, Resonate, sent straight to your inbox just for entering!

Refer your friends to enter the giveaway to increase your chances of winning!

Click To Enter Seven Styling's Mother's Day Giveaway

On Mother's Day, we will be showcasing the winning Mama on Seconds To Impress! Check back each week for more updates on the giveaway and don't forget to Treat Yo Self this Mother's Day!

Check out some fun before and after pictures of other super Mom's who have gone through a Seven Styling transformation, and click on each to read about their stories!

Kristan Braziel makeover

Sonja Dziekciowski makeover

Maria Halcumb makeover

Michelle Rose makeover



Jennifer Canterbury
Jennifer Canterbury
Apr 28, 2019

Sent my email with questions answered. Good luck to all and fingers crossed


Apr 16, 2019

Hey Sara! So glad you loved the makeovers. My focus is to find a winner in Portland, but it doesn't hurt to enter and see what destiny may bring.


Apr 16, 2019

Hey Liz! Yes, I am a huge fan of consigned clothing for the smaller footprint and also for the story that older clothing can tell.


Apr 15, 2019

Every single one of these makeovers is really classy and things that I would want to wear. I saw on the promotion that its Portland only, but that you said to enter anyway. Are you doing it remotely too?


Apr 15, 2019

<3 I think its so important to have less of a footprint by using consigned clothing for your clients.

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