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The Home Stretch: Surviving The Third Trimester

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

 The Home Stretch: Surviving The Third Trimester

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Home stretch. It’s the last two minutes, but I’m not sure I will survive.

If I push any harder with my core braced like this, I may just defecate all over the floor.

Breathe. Steady focused breathing. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Is that my stomach gurgling or his?

Breathe. Sweat and mascara are dripping into my eyes, forcing stinging tears to spew out. I’m not crying, stop looking at me like that.

Something pungently wretched is going to befall this floor if this isn’t over soon.

Breathe. I am going to make out with two human sized burritos when this is over.

This is the perpetual internal monologue that plays during the last two minutes of all CrossFit workouts I have ever attempted. Making it into the last two minutes is no small feat. And in these last few minutes, I am always tempted to cease all movement and cower behind the rows of exercise bikes to weep quietly in the fetal position from exhaustion and a deadened soul. While some push harder during the home stretch, my natural inclination is to mentally check out and daydream of an alternate sedentary life filled with fluffy pillows, warm blankets and cauldrons brimming over with greasy gobs of Panda Express Orange Chicken. As often as I have fantasized of this hedonistic lifestyle to escape the final moments of my grueling workouts, I have never given up. I have lethargically waddled through every finish line.

The fear of defecation and the desire to curl up in the fetal position from sheer exhaustion are not just ailments of beginning CrossFitters; it’s a sentiment also shared by expectant mothers in their third trimesters of pregnancy. Giving up this far in the game is not an option - but who could blame you? In the third trimester the ability to bend over would be a miraculous act of God and tying your shoe is a wild and lofty endeavor that only a few pregnant women have ever safely conquered. Indigestion and acid reflux are your faithful friends during this season, and the ability to pee on command from what feels like an overactive bladder is your new super power. In the third trimester, when you are ready to throw in the towel and even the thought of pulling up a pair of pants is exhausting, you crave ease and comfort. That’s why I’ve provided you with these 3 easy, comfortable and stylish looks for your final 3 months. These outfit ideas will encourage you to stay the course and lethargically yet victoriously waddle past the finish line.

Kat wearing kimono with bodycon dress in third trimester

Kimono with Stretch-Knit Bodycon Dress

The Kimono top is a rare gem that has made the successful crossover over from comfortable bathrobe attire to luxurious maternity staple. These tops have fluid and flouncy silhouettes with wider and longer arm sleeves that gently graze against the skin. In addition to flowy comfort, the wider width of the arm sleeves brings balance and proportion to your growing belly in the third trimester. When choosing a kimono top, I prefer ones that are long and drape to the knee. The length draws the eye towards a vertical path along the leg line and lengthens your frame. I paired the kimono with a stretch knit bodycon dress that is a mix of rayon, spandex and polyester which offers infinite stretching ability and some shaping structure.

Kat wearing purple wrap dress during third trimester

The Wrap Dress

There is nothing that will fit the bill of ease and comfort like a wrap dress. The wrap dress has built-in features that will do the glamor work for you, allowing you to go about your day in relative comfort as you tend to your unfortunate overactive bladder and heart burn. The V-neck line will draw the eyes to the collar bone and de-emphasize the third trimester bump, while the tie waist effortlessly highlights your waist and shows off the proud silhouette of a mother-to-be. In the third trimester, the ideal fabric for a wrap dress is a blend of rayon, spandex, and polyester, as this fabric formula offers generous stretch that will grow with you until your little human decides to make his or her debut.

Kat wearing boyfriend blazer and maxi during third trimester

Boyfriend Blazer With Maxi Dress

The boyfriend blazer seems like it was designed with expectant mothers in mind. It is cut larger than a standard women’s blazer, which boosts your emotional morale as it is a piece that makes you feel instantly smaller in your clothing. Additionally, it can instantly dress up or dress down any outfit. The roominess of the blazer offers simultaneous structure and comfort while bringing instant polish to any outfit. I have paired my boyfriend knit blazer with a summer maxi dress of a complimentary color. The bohemian maxi offers stretch and comfort, while the boyfriend blazer works to tie the look together by offering dimension to the outfit.

It's Almost Over!

Ease and comfort characterize your style in the third trimester. You've come this far - there's no way to turn back now. All you have to do is waddle over the finish line, one way or another. The third trimester likely isn't the time for trying on new trendy maternity looks. Instead, stick to comfortable and simple outfits like these to make sure you survive the third trimester. You can still feel like the beautiful woman you are while indulging your pregnancy cravings like Oreos dipped in queso - no judgment here!

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