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Maternity Style Marathon: Second Trimester Looks With Michelle Rose

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Maternity Style Marathon: Second Trimester Looks With Michelle Rose

I may have met a Disney princess incarnate.

It could have been her hair that reached Rapunzel-like proportions, or maybe it was the small army of magical forest animals who commanded a small checkpoint at her front door and briefly frisked me (as best they could without proper human hands) before demanding to know the true nature of my visit with their queen.

These were all indicators that Michelle Rose was not all that she seemed.

When I arrived at her home for a fun afternoon of dress up, Michelle gave me a brief tour of her dwelling. As harps played in the background and she seemed to float above the hardwood floors of her home in true princess-like fashion, she gave me a brief origin story of her home’s remodel:

“I watched an episode of HGTV and I knocked that wall down myself...”

“I gutted these floors…”

“I love this door so much… I built it.”

Michelle Rose wearing everyday athleisure

She said all of this while stroking her 2-year-old’s hair, gently batting away her golden retriever from pouncing, and resting her spare hand on her expectant belly. Suddenly, scenes of Michelle foraging through an enchanted forest looking for ancient wood flooring and spontaneously bursting out into song (as Disney princesses have the propensity to do) began to play in my mind.

Michelle is a marvelous mix of feminine grit. Yes, she looks like a Disney princess, but she can also tear down that unsightly wall with her bare hands. She is possibly the fastest runner and the fittest person I have ever seen in my natural born life. She glows, and I suspect may have a preserved a six pack underneath that pregnancy belly. Some attribute her radiance to her pregnancy, but Michelle would argue that her masterful use of nutrition and deep understanding of gut health are the reasons she has preserved her splendor well into her second trimester.

Michelle is a woman of many talents: Super Mom, Nutrition Specialist, Blogger at, Home Makeover Extraordinaire, Magical Wife and Running Connoisseur. Given her athletic leanings, Michelle typically wears comfortable athleisure outfits that are functional but not necessarily bursting full of self-expression (see above).

Michelle Rose styled with a cowl neck dress and a kimono top

As she juggles the responsibilities of reigning over her kingdom, Michelle needed a few style staples that could seamlessly transition into all her distinctive roles. Additionally, with a second little one on the way, we needed to find Michelle pieces that were both multi-functional and wearable during post-pregnancy for all her breastfeeding endeavors. Operation “Be Cute + Awesome Boob Access” was en route, and I had the perfect outfits to fit her changing lifestyle.

Cowl Neck Dress and Kimono Top

When it comes to maternity style, I am a firm believer in the powers of the bodycon. In Michelle’s case, we went with a neutral, cowl-necked bodycon that shows off her mother-to-be curves. The draping cowl neck offers both an elongated neckline and a bit of visual distraction from all that is brewing in the belly beneath. While the dress is gorgeous on Michelle on its own, I wanted to add a bit of sophistication to the look by pairing it with a bright, loose-fitting kimono style cardigan and tying it all up with a waist-defining belt to pull the look together. The finished look is appropriate for client meetings or a date night with the Hubster, and pairing it with flats can make her a style icon on any play date. What’s even better is that the stretch and the drape of the cowl neck allows for instant boob access for her little one on the way - this outfit will be able to travel with her throughout postpartum.

Michelle Rose styled with a faux wrap dress

The Faux Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is a non-discriminating miracle worker that will conjure its magic for EVERY woman of EVERY size. In Michelle’s case, the wrap dress offers a gorgeous V-neckline that elongates her frame by visually lengthening her neckline while the wrap ties at the most narrow part of her waist, helping to achieve some enviable hourglass shaping. Not only do these thoughtful dresses provide easy pull and boob access for her little one on the way, the faux wrap will ensure that Michelle will never have to worry about a violent gust of wind blowing up her dress and showcasing her mom underwear for all the world to see. All Michelle has to do is pull this miracle worker over her head for the day and she has achieved instant polish that can transition her from maternity to postpartum effortlessly.

Peasant Top and Skinny Jeans

Michelle is a woman-on-the-go, and on days when she needs a break from the flounce of a dress, the peasant top makes for an incredible transitional piece. The peasant top is an informal top with a wide neck and puffed full sleeves. While the top is comfortably loose-fitting, it also has beautiful embroidery and elaborate detailing that add feminine flare to this comfortable go-to top. The top again provides an open and elongating neckline for Michelle and will provide instant access to the boob due to its stretching fabric. The embroidered detail along the neckline and arm band adds both visual interest and distraction from her belly line. To finish the look, we have paired the peasant top with a pair of dark-washed skinny jeans and a pair of peek-a-boo booties. Operation Be Cute + Instant Boob Access is complete.

Michelle Rose styled with a peasant top and skinny jeans

Michelle Rose: Health and Fitness Extraordinaire

With her new garb in place to reach the finish line of her pregnancy, Michelle is set up to sprint through to postpartum in style. And if you are looking for a nutrition, fitness, or health and wellness coach, check out all of the transformational services Michelle has to offer. I recently worked with Michelle on tightening up my diet and lifestyle, and she even wrote up a blog post about it! As a coach, Michelle is a great blend of encouragement and challenge, helping you reach your health goals with accountability and empathy along the way. She’s got some killer limited time sales going on as well - don’t miss out!

And if you are a mama-to-be and you need help navigating maternity and your wardrobe, sign up for a free style session over the phone with me and let’s get started!

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Mar 12, 2019

Why Hello Mskelseylewis! Ha! I think my favorite outfit is also the baby track suit. The mama outfits come in at a close second place. Thank you for reading!


Mar 12, 2019

Hey ahoygabby! Thank you for the kind words and so excited to hear that these may provide a bit of outfit inspiration!


Mar 11, 2019

I would wear every single one of these outfits even the baby's track suit! :D


Mar 08, 2019

These are so darn cute! I am with every other mom on this one, I'd wear all these outfits in a heartbeat.


Mar 07, 2019

Why hello toomuchcharacter, compliment processed and received! Thank you for your kind words. I don't feel right about your observation either. Let's make a deal, you have another baby and I will style you during maternity? Deal? :). SO happy to hear that these outfits meet the mama seal of approval!

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