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The Pineapple Suite: Style Inspo from The White Lotus

The Pineapple Suite: Style Inspo from The White Lotus

The Pinepple Suite, a remote island, fecal matter and yes, maybe even a little bit of unintentional murder.

Pink Flamingo Button up

All of this awaits you if you dare to embark on a viewing binge of HBO’s The White Lotus. This series details a week in the life of vacationers as they find rest and solace in a remote island resort, but things are never as they seem. After binge watching this series over the course of a not-so-long weekend, I found my style getting inspired by Armond, the spritely resort manager who wears a new tropical button up for every day of the week.

Tropical printed shirts were a former no-fly zone in my wardrobe as they conjured 80-year-old man vibrations. But with the help of my new actor crush, Armand has expanded and stretched my style limits to the coast.

Flamingo + Black Skirt

There is something appealing about the “Dad on Vacation” look. It’s a retreat from stuffy crisp collars and sleepy neutrals - a temporary middle finger to what life has been. I’m a super fan of mixed patterns, so when a button-up will mix patterns on my behalf, it’s always a win. For this first look, I recommend rolling the sleeves up by one inch to create a bit more texture and dimension in the top. To neutralize the intense pattern, I’ve tucked it into a black pencil skirt and paired it with a pair of neutral strappy sandals.

Black and white couagar button up

Black/White/Red + Skinnies

This button-up is stark and striking with its black and white stripes, and if that wasn’t enough, I have a ferocious family of cougars on the other side. To make this intense and playful pattern a little easier on the eyes, I’ve paired it with a red body suit and a pair of ripped blue skinny jeans. Remember, when patterns are intense, your first line of defense is denim. To create a more fitted silhouette to offset the boxier frame of the button up I recommend that you follow in my steps and knot the bottom. Finish it all off with a fun pair of heels and call it a successful dad-on-vacation ensemble.

The Vacation Suit

A vacation suit is very similar to the romper with one very important caveat: you are given the ability to pee without anxiety. Unlike the romper which is fused together as one piece, this suit comes as two separates. If you are someone who likes rompers but hates the idea of having to completely disrobe every time you need a bathroom break, the vacation suit might just be your calling. When ordering in men’s sizes, the trick for me is to order one size smaller than you are. I ordered a men’s small for this ensemble.

Vacation suit

The two piece feels like a comfortable pajama, but the decorated pattern gives it visual interest and signals to the world around you that this two-piece is designed for vacation time excursions! To bring a bit of casual polish to this ensemble, I’ve paired it with a fitted jean jacket, platforms and called it a day.

Pineapple Suite Style

While Hawaiian-inspired button-ups are not a style staple I would have sought out on my own, sometimes it takes a spritely resort manager and a season of binge worthy TV to change your mind. With a bit of play and imagination these formerly kitschy button-ups and vacation suits feel like they can easily play nice with all of my closet. If you are someone who has balked, scoffed and rolled your eyes at Hawaiian shirts and dad-on-vacation style in the past, may these style options inspire a new perspective!

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