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From Michelin to Arctic Princess: The Perfect Winter Coat

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

From Michelin to Arctic Princess: The Perfect Winter Coat

Power Pouch.

The name I affectionately gave my plush mid-section in my younger days as I believed it to be a central command of sorts for transporting heat to my entire portly frame. The extra 30 pounds of belly magic I carried with me as a child allowed me to hopscotch for hours in frigid temperatures as my beanpole peers gazed on in envy from the inside of their frosty windows and sterile existence. I didn’t believe in the cold and neither did my prepubescent fat rolls that kept me naturally insulated and helped me escape its grasp.

Sweaters, scarves and long-sleeved contraptions were for the weak and those who lacked the emotional fortitude to endure the elements. I, on the other hand, was powered by my magical pouch and did not know the touch of a sweater against my skin until my mid 20’s.

My assumptive immortality in the cold went wildly unchecked until my move to Detroit, Michigan where I would soon learn that there would be a price to pay for my naïve West Coast ways. This time, my pouch would not be able to save me.

I will never forget my first Detroit Winter. The news commanded the masses to brace for the cold with a predicted high of 20 degrees and 10-degree wind chill. I looked out into the street and saw the usual peons bundled up in puffer coats waddling their way through the “cold” of winter. Today would be no different from any other winter I experienced. After all, I had the power of the pouch on my side.

Disco-era open toed sandals, skinny jeans, a long t-shirt and I was ready to dart out the door. I planned to walk a few blocks to the neighborhood Starbucks to teach Detroit a much-needed pouch-powered California lesson on how to conduct themselves in the Winter. Two steps and suddenly my toes felt heavy, 10 steps and they started tingling, the end of one city block and they began turning into a majestic purple blue. Suddenly my shoulders began convulsing and my teeth were clapping, a condition I was later told is called “shivering.” For the first time in 25 years, I was cold, and my feet were nearing frost bite conditions. In that moment, I understood that I, too, was a peon in the cold.

To repent for my ways, I scoured the internet for the warmest winter coat I could find. My nimble fingers and the magic of search engines led me to a black down feather 550 fill coat by way of The North Face. When it arrived at my door, I felt like I was encased in a thousand blankets and became impenetrable to wind chill. Unfortunately, I also bore an uncanny resemblance to a darker cousin of the Michelin man.

There were several firsts for me in Detroit. First time being cold, first time buying a down feather coat to fight said cold and of course, the first time I spent an entire winter parading the streets as “Bichelin,” the would-be name for the Michelin man’s estranged burnt, female cousin. If only I knew then that not all down feather coats made you look like a pulverized marshmallow, I could have lived a much more attractive winter in Detroit.

Fortunately for you, I’ve found a down feather coat that will make you look like winter’s princess without sacrificing warmth and comfort. When it comes to down feather coats, the Yukon Classic 2.0 from Eddie Bauer delivers a feminine silhouette with unparalleled warmth. Let’s take a deeper look at this coat and some cool – or should I say, warm - ways to dress up this coat in the dead of winter.

Eddie Bauer Down Feather Jacket

Winter’s Princess

A contentious topic has divided scholars over the centuries, a question that has haunted humanity without any real resolution: to be an ally of the cute-colds or to be a champion of the warm-uggos. Thankfully with the fresh line of Eddie Bauer’s Yukon Classic 2.0, you don’t have to choose. This jacket is a 650 down fill powerhouse that feels like you are sandwiched between two cloud-like space heaters. Wear this jacket and you will literally be packing heat.

Kat wearing Eddie Bauer down jacket with belt

The majesty of down feathers is that they are phenomenal thermal insulators. Their open structure works to trap in air, keeping the cold out and body heat in. Even more impressive are the built-in princess seams, which are long rounded seams that tailor a close fit along a woman’s natural silhouette, allowing for femininity and warmth all in one. Hello Princess of Winter, goodbye "Bichelin" and all your pulverized marshmallow friends. And if ushering us into the era of warm and adorable was not enough, this thoughtful jacket offers a tasteful and balanced faux fur hood and water repellant exterior, giving you the benefit of being dry as you simultaneously look like an Arctic Queen.

The Championship Belt

There is nothing that will transform your down feather jacket like a belt along the waist. While this Yukon classic is adorable on its own, zipping it up completely and buckling a belt along the waist gives the casual coat a touch of sophisticated polish. The delicate volume that you get from the down coat offers some serious accentuated curves when you pair it with a 2-inch-thick belt, offering a dramatic cinch in your waist. To replicate this look, I recommend choosing a belt that is 1-2 inches thick in diameter and offers a bit of shine and contrast in the buckle. Suddenly, this jacket becomes a statement piece of sorts and you may just consider leaving it on when you get to your destination.

Kat wearing Eddie Bauer down jacket with cowl necked sweater and leggings

Cowl Necked Sweater and Leggings

Nothing says beautiful winter princess like a cowl neck tunic sweater and leggings. The cowl neck adds visual interest along the neckline while the length of the tunic adds a flirtatious mid-thigh length. Pairing the cowl neck tunic with leggings will showcase and emphasize your leg line, while keeping you covered and classy. I like pairing mid-thigh tunics with the Eddie Bauer Yukon that hits at the waist, as the two differing lengths add dimension to your look and tastefully highlight your backside without giving too much away.

Get Down On It

As we dive forward into the bitter cold of winter, it’s time to get down on it and find yourself a proper down-filled coat. With all the burnt marshmallow variations of coats out there, you can avoid “Bichelin” and her burnt cousins by trying out this Eddie Bauer wonder for size. I was able to pick mine up for half-off over the holidays, and as of writing this piece, it is still discounted almost 50% online. May the burnt marshmallow never entrap you again!

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