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Wonder Woman's Wardrobe: Finding Multi-Functional Pieces for a Superhero

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Wonder Woman's Wardrobe: Finding Multi-Functional Pieces for a Superhero

She was a power realtor. Her super powers included telepathic bartering, securing escrow and hypnotizing the masses to believe every word that came out of her fluttering lips. Her strategy in parenting would be no different.

Lessons on spirituality:

M: Have you thought about your salvation?

5 year-old self: ……I… (long pause) …am hungry

M: One day, the earth will open and the Prince of Peace will come. On that day I hope that you are prepared.

5 year-old self: …earthquakes because of Prince Charming?

M: No, the world is ending. Be ready. (Exits room)

She had a way with words and a flare for the dramatic. For the rest of my childhood years I stepped into rooms with utter trepidation as I imagined the ground opening beneath me and swallowing me whole.

Lessons on sexuality:

M: Have I asked you if you like any boys?

5 year-old self: …I…(long pause) …am hungry

M: I want to tell you a secret and I want you to carry it with you.

5 year-old self: …Otay

M: Never let a boy touch your “little chicken”. If you do, you will get pregnant.

5 year-old self: Ok…where is my little chicken?

M: (Exits room)

I spent the rest of my childhood anxiously trying to locate and secure said “little chicken.” Without much direction from my mother, I spent most of my youth in layered garments staring down boys trying to avoid pregnancy.

While my mother’s worldview and understanding of the human reproductive system needed to be recalibrated, her words resonated with me for years. It was not until failing a high school anatomy and physiology class that I realized the extent of my miseducation. She was a well-intentioned but misinformed guide in my early years whose life lessons I had to slowly unlearn.

We all experience this to some extent. Life is filled with guides and teachers that speak into our lives.

Many are off base, a few will be marginally helpful, but if you are fortunate you may stumble upon a few who will quietly listen and help you unlock dreams that you have long given up on.

I consider Kristin Schuchman to be one of the rare few.

Kristin Schuchman wearing black and white dress

Kristin Schuchman – Career Coach/Superhero

Kristin may be a career coach and the owner of Spark A Career and Brightside Coworking, but she’s also a superhero in her own right. Her superpowers include supernatural x-ray vision, supersonic listening capacity, the ability to walk through walls, and on some occasions, the ability to fly.

I’ve marveled at each of these superpowers during my time with her. Her supernatural x-ray vision helped my untrained eyes see past my blinders to unearth potential in myself that I had not perceived. Her supersonic listening capacity enabled her to empathetically hear my words without feeling the need to usurp the conversation with her own thoughts. She could even supernaturally walk through each defensive wall I erected in planning the next steps for my business, leading me to a place where I felt safe to nurture my own dreams.

And after our meetings, in true super hero fashion, she didn’t get into a car. She casually levitated off the ground, politely waved goodbye, and proceeded to fly home. Ah, superheros and their dramatic exits.

Kristin Schuchman wearing polka dot blouse and red pants

Kristin is deeply rooted in the Portland community. She wears many hats: entrepreneur, career counselor, business coach, speaker, mother, wife and general bad-ass. As such, she needs clothing staples that can seamlessly transition her between each of these roles while simultaneously conveying creativity and confidence. Every superhero needs an appropriate uniform, and I thought perhaps it was time for this female wonder to make an upgrade.

I had the privilege of picking out these multi-functional ditties (see above and below) that would fit the bill. Each of these outfits can be worn to work, a speaking engagement, brunch, date night, and chasing around little ones. Let’s look at one of Kristin’s favorite pieces from the mix.

Kristin Schuchman wearing red and white dress

This dress from Ann Taylor Loft (below) is a modern marvel. The modest halter neckline showcases Kristen’s shoulders while the black panel detailing works to effortlessly define her waist. While black and red are bold colors, the mix of cream helps to balance the look and make it appropriate daytime or evening wear. The halter neckline mixed with the A-lined skirt bottom is the perfect blend of classic, creative and sexy.

Shopping with Kristin was so enjoyable as she is open to trying things outside her comfort zone and exploring new possibilities in style. This makes perfect sense as this is what she does with her clients every day. Kristin is a pro at guiding and supporting people as they explore new possibilities for their careers. If you are thinking about making a career change but aren’t sure where to begin, I’d highly recommend a free consultation with Kristin to explore all she has to offer.

And if you are a business owner like Kristin and find that your wardrobe isn’t cutting it for all the different hats you need to wear throughout your busy schedule, I’d be happy to chat with you to see how we can simplify your style while keeping you fabulous in the process!

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12 commenti

24 set 2018

Hey There! Colored professional pants are a diamond in the rough.. so when you find them, hold on for dear life !! :)These were lightly consigned editor pants from Express. I find Express to be one of the best places to buy professional pants. :)

Mi piace

23 set 2018

Kristin looks great in the business casual wear. I need to get some classy colored pants!

Mi piace

23 set 2018

Hey Meryl! Thanks for reading :). Ann Taylor is the essence of classic and timeless style. I'm a huge fan of the dress too ;)

Mi piace

23 set 2018

Kat, I really like how you manage to help people find pieces that are flattering and fun yet still feel like they naturally go with the person's style. Ann Taylor is one of my favorite stores - love the dress!

Mi piace

21 set 2018

Hey Alaina !! " Little Chicken" is only the beginning of the strange nicknames my family used. :) So glad the story makes you smile :) that means so much :) !!!!

Mi piace
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