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From Body Slam to Body Suit: The Evolution of The Bodysuit

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Kat Depner as Zoya The Destroya with Bodysuit

A bodysuit can be magical.

Wearing it will halt you in front of any reflective surface and summon strange self-affirming words from your inner being and onto your lips like:

“MEEEEEOW” or “ Wowie, Wow Wow!”

Things you should never say out loud or within earshot of another human, but somehow the bodysuit maims your attempt at false humility. All you can do is grin stupidly at the heavens and say “Mama Likes.” I wish this state of being upon every woman at least once a week. Unbridled self-admiration.

But there are some who are unconvinced of the body suit. There is fear of massive side boob, impracticality when it comes to urination and of course the main qualm, the utter impracticality of being able to incorporate it into daily style without looking like Zoya the Destroya from the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW).

I have good news, my dear reader. If you have a pair of jeans you love, a skirt and a pair of wide legged trousers, I will show you the tricks of the trade when it comes to wearing this modern marvel. And perhaps you too, will find yourself muttering some “hubba hubba, mama in trubba” self-affirming words of your own.

Bodysuit or Swimsuit - What On Earth Is The Difference?

First things first: the bodysuit and swimsuit have the same silhouette, but that is where their similarities end. A bodysuit, unlike a swimsuit has snaps, hooks or Velcro on the crotch to allow for easy bathroom access. Thong or T-front thong bodysuits usually have the crotch opening moved up to the front to increase the wearer's comfort. Bodysuits can be made from a number of fabrics, including cotton, lace, nylon, etc. In general, textile bodysuits include expandable fiber such as spandex for a better fit to the shape of the body.

The beauty of the bodysuit is that they are available in almost any neckline and silhouette. So for the bodysuit virgin, go with the neckline you wear most often. V-neck lover? Perfect, choose a V-necked bodysuit. It will ease you into the transition of a bodysuit marvelously with something familiar and beloved.

Tucking a top into your pants will always add instant polish to a casual ensemble. The problem is that while you may achieve the perfect tuck, the second you visit the bathroom and re-tuck you likely have lost that perfect tuck for the rest of the day. You may tug and pull, but somehow you can’t get that adorable look you had from the morning. Cursed bladder!

That is the invaluable upside of the bodysuit. It is the perfect tuck every time. Well, it’s more that the silhouette of the body suit makes it so that there is never a need to fiddle with tucking. This means you can be just as adorable no matter how many times you have to take a pee break.

Kat wearing square neckline bodysuit plus ripped jeans

Favorite Ripped Jeans + Bodysuit

The bodysuit plays nice with any cut of jean you throw its way. So whether you are a high rise enthusiast or a mid-rise lover, it doesn’t matter: the body suit will work its magic for all. For this look, I have gone with a grey square necked body suit as this neckline is one of my favorites, showing off my collar bone and elongating my neckline all in one. Remember, if you are trying out a body suit for the first time, choose one that is identical to your favorite neckline. Since the bodysuit is fitted and has a tailored feel, I like to bring balance to the outfit by pairing it with a pair of mid-rise ripped skinny jeans. This pairing keeps the look casual and wearable, and adding an edgy shoe of your choice makes it magic.

Kat wearing low cut body suit plus blazer and ripped jeans

Lowcut Bodysuit + Blazer + Ripped Jeans

Feeling a little adventurous? While I am never a fan of cleavage before 2 pm, I do think there is a time and a place for some appropriate breast shadow. For this ensemble, I have paired the deeper neckline with a looser fitting red boyfriend blazer. Again, balance here is key. While the deeper neckline oozes all things “Mama’s got it going on,” the boyfriend blazer brings a bit of style equilibrium and a bit of refinement to a sexier bodysuit. Finish the look off with a pair of ripped blue jeans and a sexy wrapped heel, and you have a look that can be worn for work or play. If you are well-endowed (which I am not and can get away with many bra-less style excursions), you will want to pair a bandeau with this bodysuit for more appropriate office wear. But once you are done with adulting for the day and are ready for happy hour, take off that bandeau and let the girls out for recess!

Kat wearing a bodysuit plus Anthropologie skirt

Bodysuit + That Damn Skirt That Just Doesn’t Look Good With Anything

Go into your closet and dig out your skirts that have been banished and are waiting in the wings of retirement. Whether it be a maxi, A-line, sheath or asymmetrical, it doesn’t matter: the bodysuit will work wonders for any cut. Even something that you have deemed outdated. Yes, it’s true, the bodysuit can bring new life even into the most regrettable purchases. The reason? The form of a bodysuit is curve hugging in nature, and it sits tightly against all of your body whether you like it or not. You are then naturally inclined to pull your pants and skirts above any belly pooch, which for most women sits just above the belly button line and also happens to be the narrowest part of your waist. The bodysuit creates a sort of forced slenderness, allowing your castaways to shine. For this look, I have paired my square necked bodysuit with a colorful summertime skirt I bought on sale years ago from Anthropologie. I held my breath and sucked in as I put it on in the fitting room years ago and convinced myself that it fit. Regrettably, it only looks good with a tank top tucked into it. But since it is so tight and basically could show you my glutes to fat ratio, it could not be paired with even the skinniest tank as it would show instant creases and bulges. But the magical bodysuit creates an instant tuck, highlighting my seemingly tiny waist without any additional bulk of excess fabric. I pair this look with a neutral summertime heel, and I am an instant summertime princess.

Gorgeous Ladies With Bodysuits

While you may feel a little like Zoya the Destroya from the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW), the first time you put on a bodysuit in your fitting room, that feeling will immediately transform into constant self-adoration the moment you layer your bodysuit with one of these looks and take a peek in the mirror. Perfectly slenderizing, the bodysuit can be your new best friend for taking difficult to wear pieces and turning them into the superstars they were meant to be. And when you look this good, go ahead and let a few “Me-owwws” slip!

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Jul 26, 2019

These outfits are so colorful and fun, but Kat, if I may.... how do you handle the snaps? I bought a gorgeous body suit and it has the most annoying pair of snaps.. I dread going to the bathroom.. TMI... it's my one knock against this item in my wardrobe.


Jul 26, 2019

I like the plunging neckline with a boyfriend blazer, perfect for happy hour!


Jul 25, 2019

Hey Brendandjarron, I can't let the tweens have all the fun :) I am so glad to hear that these looks are mama approved.


Jul 25, 2019

Hey Driana! All I have to say is Zoya the Destroya 4-Life :).


Jul 25, 2019

Hey Yepitsandria! Absolutely! Bodysuits come in all cuts and forms, including a satin draping sleeve that gives you a gorgeous romantic look without being too clingy. Here is a great example from express:

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