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Smashing Pumpkins: How To Make a Smashing Fall Transition

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Smashing Pumpkins: How To Make a Smashing Fall Transition

The transition from summer to fall is a particularly frightening time for pumpkins and their oblong shaped kin. They are ruthlessly hunted, separated from their loving orange colonies, pureed and masterminded into every kind of loaf, cake, casserole and edible delight imagined under the sun. This is the season of the pumpkin’s plight, a time that brings a certain kind of dread to my orange friends. And as our bond has strengthened over the years, I’ve discovered that we share the same trepidation as the seasons transition from summer to fall.

You see, the pumpkin and I share a deep burden: theirs to not be eaten by a pumpkin-crazed enemy and mine to not be devoured by a man-eating closet as I transition summer wear to fall. While fall is a season of cuddling, giggling and pumpkin-spiced enchantment, closet organization can easily eclipse all that fall has to offer.

The process of packing and unpacking a seasonal wardrobe in a poorly ventilated closet brings a host of regrettable consequences like dripping boob sweat and an eternal vow to never go shopping again. Being trapped in what can feel like a humid coffin of a closet for hours for the sake of wardrobe transition is daunting. But there is a way out - a way that retires the archaic method of having to pack and unpack clothing with the change of the seasons.

The solution? Resist following the natural order of retail departments that insist on an entirely new wardrobe for every changing season. Believe it or not, there are summer clothes that play nice with fall wear. They don’t need to be put away or given a time out; they can congregate in the great playground of style. Leave the boob sweat and eternal vows for your wedding day. With these seasonal style hacks, you will spend less time in your closet and more time feasting on pumpkin-inspired wonders with the rest of the pumpkin-crazed enemy.

Kat wearing boyfriend button-up to transition to fall wear

A Boyfriend To Hold Onto: The Boyfriend Button-Up

While trends come and go, the boyfriend button-up is a style staple you should never break up with. The boyfriend button-up is exactly what you think it is: a slightly oversized masculine fitting top that may have an uncanny resemblance to dress shirts in your boyfriend’s closet. While its generous sizing brings obvious comfort to any outfit, its superpower lies in its ability to bring equilibrium to your style - instantaneously making dressy outfits more casual and casual outfits dressier. Here we have gone the route of making a dressy summer time skirt more casual. By leaving the last 2 buttons unbuttoned and knotting it in the center, I have raised the waistline of the boyfriend button up which brings femininity and definition to the waist. Its notable masculine trappings of a loose collar and cuffed sleeve bring a casual tone to this skirt. Pairing a neutral boyfriend button-up with a bright or patterned summer time skirt is a winning formula for seamlessly ushering a little bit of summer flare into the fall.

Kat wearing jumpsuit and long knit sweater to transition to fall wear

Autumn Queen: Jumpsuit Meets Long Knit Sweater

When it comes to pairing tops and bottoms for the fall, the possibilities are endless. Frustatingly endless. I have squandered away entire mornings playing this unfortunate game of wardrobe Tetris. Fortunately, the jumpsuit is a game changer and conveniently decides the pairings for you as its top and bottom are fused into one marvelous piece. By pairing it with a duster sweater (an open knit cardigan that typically sits at your mid-calf), your jumpsuit is instantly transformed for all that fall has to offer. The duster sweater is a robe of sorts, draping along the body to give you the look of a modern-day queen while offering the same comfort as being wrapped up in your favorite blanket. To replicate this look, the rules are simple. If you decide to be adventurous and go for patterns, be sure that they are neutral and complimentary. In my look, I have paired a neutral geometric designed duster with a more intensely patterned but neutral jumpsuit. If you are opting for a more muted look, go for a patterned duster and a monochromatic colored jumpsuit. This look will effortlessly transition your daring summer jumpsuit to a mindful fall ensemble.

Kat wearing summer time dress with a sweater to transition to fall wear

Summer Lovin’: Hold Onto Your Sexy Summer Time Dress

Ah, summer. The senseless heat forced you to test your limits giving you no choice but to wear as little as humanly possible without being hauled away for public indecency. At least that’s the excuse I tell myself when I pack away my achingly flirty summertime dresses that are recklessly fun but don’t seem to have a place for the pending fall weather. But what if your summertime dresses can hold on for another season? They absolutely can with the help of any fitted sweater. Here I have paired a magenta skater dress with a patterned black cheetah sweater. This is an easy layering formula that blends summertime whimsy for a sensible fall style. When it comes to layering a sweater over a summertime dress, follow these guidelines. First, choose sweaters that are fitted and hit at the waist. While your summertime dress is flirty and playful, a fitted sweater will provide structure and balance, defining your waist while ensuring that your look is polished and intentional. Second, pair patterns with neutrals. Less is more. If your dress has a pattern that screams “Hello world!”, refrain from overwhelming the visual stimuli scales of onlookers and opt for a neutral sweater to balance your look for fall.

Avoid Falling Into The Seasonal Style Trap

Although the seasons are changing, your wardrobe doesn’t need a complete overhaul. Blending summer pieces tastefully with your favorite fall items is the perfect way to transition without the hassle of completing changing out your closet. With all that extra free time on your hands, perhaps you can adopt a pumpkin and prevent another innocent loss of life. Or if the sight of pumpkin sends you into a fall flavor frenzy, just make sure to keep your new looks clean as you scoop out the insides of your latest kill.

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